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Atlas Kitchen NYC

On-Demand Food Delivery Website
Atlas Kitchen restaurant is a contemporary restaurant on the Upper West Side by Columbia University. We integrated online ordering, delivering, and scheduling system.
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GFit Virtual Conference 2020

How technology enabled Cross-border collaboration in Cancer Care

Ram Prasad Modalavalasa,
posted on Oct. 19, 2020
GFiT 2020 Virtual Exhibition

Falcn Lab Exhibiting at GFiT Virtual Conference

We’re excited to announce that Falcn Lab will be participating as an exhibitor in GoodFirms’ 1st ever GFiT 2020 - a virtual tech expo!
Falcn Lab, posted on Sept. 16, 2020
ABC News

How Technology can help 5 lasting changes from the COVID-19 pandemic

COVID-19 has completely changed life, and while many hope those changes....
Ram Prasad Modalavalasa,
posted on August 16, 2020
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